Karl Norberg: Old Man Strength!

Karl Norberg, born in 1893, in Brecke, Sweden, was a great benchpress legend. He was very famous and even trained with Bruno Sammartino!!! Furthermore Mr. Norberg was able to benchpress 460lb/208kg at age of 71! In this article you will learn Mr. Norberg’s lifestory and training philosophy, have fun – Mr. Berg!! On January 5, 1893, in the …


henry downs mr universe

Henry Downs: 300 Parallel Bar Dips!

Henry Downs was born in Jery (Channel Islands). In the 1960 he won the title Mr. Universe. This oldschool bodybuilder combined weightlifting with parallel bar and ring work to build his physique. Here’s Henry Downs’s story and training! Henry Downs was an athlete before he began to train with weights in January 1950. He was Bomber …


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