Jusup Wilkosz – Lat and Back Workout

Front pull-ups Pull-ups are important for the development of the back muscles. Some bodybuilders are of the opinion that nothing else needs to be trained for the back except this exercise. But that is not quite right. If one performs the pull-ups so that the chin touches the bar, one works the entire back. Weights …


Jusup Wilkosz – Latis Rücken

Klimmzüge vorne Klimmzüge sind wichtig zur Entwicklung der Rückenmuskulatur. Einige Bodybuilder sind der Meinung, daß außer dieser Übung nichts weiter für den Rücken trainiert werden muß. Daß ist aber nicht ganz richtig. Führt man die Klimmzüge so aus, daß an mit dem Kinn die Stange berührt, bearbeitet man den gesamten Rücken. Gewichte um die Hüfte …


Ken Waller – Build a better back

The following article was written by bodybuilding photograph Cliff Swan in 1971. “You probably have heard that Ken Waller moved to Southern California nearly a year ago so he could concentrate his training at Joe Gold’s Gym toward winning the 1971 Mr. America title. While working as a teacher in the Los Angeles Unified School …


dennis tinerino back workout

Back Specialization – Dennis Tinerino

“When a bodybuilder decides that his back development is under par in certain areas – namely the trapezius, latissimus dorsi and spinal erector muscles – a back specialization program should improve these areas. I have found that a great majority of bodybuilders tend to neglect the above mentioned areas. One reason for this is that …


Complete Back Development

The following back workout routine was developed by golden era legend Boyer Coe around 1970. – Mr.Berg “The title of this article will give you some indication of what I wish to discuss. So many people think only of wide “lats” when one seaks of back development. It is my intention to outline a back …


Broadening the Back by Jim Haislop!

“The broadness of a man’s back has always been a noticeable feature of the male physique. Even people who do not body-build or weight train at all, admire the V-shaped physique. To obtain this kind of development one must employ many types of latissimus dorsi exercises along with hard work. To begin with everyone must …


george eiferman bodybuilder

Back Workout by Mr. America George Eiferman

“Unless you have had the privilege of standing near to Geroge Eiferman and have then studied his extraordinary muscle density, you cannot obtain a true view of him with your mind’s eye from reading meager attempts to describe his physique. Neither can you comprehend through words his likeable personality, exceptional wit or his friendly disposition. …


Melvin Wells back

Oldschool Back Workout by Steve Stanko!

In this article you will learn how to build a back that has every area developed with proper proportions. The following oldschool workout routine will give the appearance of a rugged powerful back with no weak or underdeveloped spots. The listed exercises describe Steve Stanko’s (Mr. America 1944/47) workout philosophy of a well developed back! But first a …


Back Workout Vern Weaver

Back Workout Routine by Mr. America Vern Weaver

Vern Weaver won the Mr. America title in 1963. The following oldschool back workout routine was developed by him. Have fun – Mr. Berg! Program No. 1 – It is designed strictly for strength and for individual who prefers heavy training. However, this program is also equally effective in gaining size or bulk. After you …


Bob Peoples Training Routine powerlifting oldschool

Bob Peoples Training Routine For A Thick Back

Bob Peoples was a farmer and trained after working 10-12 hours on the farm. He was a deadlift world record holder. His 700lb+ deadlift record stood for over 25 years! He worked his balls off and he never said : “I’m taking it easy today, my CNS is wasted”. He was advocated of instinctive training. …


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