Walter Kurda – A German Benchpress Phenomenon

I had the honor of interviewing Walter Kurda, a legend of German strength sports, about his career and training philosophy. Bench pressing is one of his favorite exercises, and he is unchallenged in his age class. At the age of 62, he benchpressed 220 kilos/485lb! He was born in the year 1953 in the city …


Interview of Grandpa Bench Press Star Kole Carter

Missouri Bench Press Phenom Kole Cater is an anomaly in the bench press wars. No one makes gains raw past the age of 50 in bench pressing, but Kole smashes that myth with his continued improvement as he nears 60! I was recently able to interview Kole and this is what I was able to …


Who is Zitronenquark ?

He is a very nice guy and currently became father. He could beat up your dad with one punch! His Strength Level: Height: 191cm/6 feet Benchpress: 256kg/564lb Deadlift: 360kg/793lb  Squat: 310kg/683lb If you dont know Zitronenquark then you have to know him! He has got a youtube account and he is used to uploading intense …


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