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Bench press Like FRANK ZANE!

Recently I found a great article penned by ‘Joseph M. Horrigan’ published in Iron Man. He analyzed the benchpress and asked four world-class powerlifters (Doug Young, Dave Shaw, Roger Estep and Steve Miller) and one Mr. Olympia winner (Frank Zane) about their experience with the bench press. Doug Young: “I helped Larry Pacifico with his …

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Peary Rader: The Most Influential Person of Physical Culture of All time

The role that Peary Rader has played in the establishment of physical culture can not be understated. The founder and editor of Ironman Magazine provided a trusted platform in his periodical that presented timeless training and nutrition information. The boldest move that Peary made in publishing was placing the statement “The Quality Magazine For All …

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Serge Nubret’s Quotes from

The following quotes are from the forum ‘’. It was a great forum with oldtime bodybuilders like Serge Nubret, Vince Anello and Richard Baldwin. I think the owner died and thus the platform was shutted down. Serge used to write some posts about training/diet and I was able to save them. Here are Serge Nubret’s posts…It’s …

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More about Benchpress Legend Pat Casey

Ken Leistner used to write for the strength magazine ‘Powerlifting USA’. He was a highly decorated author and chiropractor. He met the legendary powerlifter ‘Pat Casey. The following excerpt is from PL USA (1996. July) – Mr. Berg “Not every lifter has his or her own ideas about the squat, the deadlift, or training for those two …

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Bench Press Routine by Roger Estep

Here’s a great excerption from Roger Estep’s question and answers column published in PL USA. In the 80s fans from the whole world used to send letters to Estep and he answered them. – Mr. Berg Dear Roger: I am a non-competitive weight lifter, 6’1″ and 205lbs. I currently bench press 265lb., but can’t seem …

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Forced Reps With John Kuc

Sometimes John Kuc struggled to bench 500lb+ but his training partner ‘Big Jim Williams’ helped him with some new training ideas. Finally John benched 600lb in 1972 World Championships. Here’s a great excerpt from John Kuc about forced rep training published in PL USA 1980. – Mr. Berg “John Kuc made some amazing…absolutely amazing progress using …

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