Jon Cole – Strength Savage

Jon Cole is still revered by hard core strength training practitioners the world over for the feats he accomplished almost 50 years ago. Jon held the all time super-total record for over a quarter of a century, with the highest official combined powerlifting and Olympic lifting totals. Jon weighed 282 when he did his best …


JM Blakely – Zen Benchmaster!

I was able to watch JM Blakely bench press at the 1996 WPC Can Am Championships in Las Vegas. The Saturday night before the fulll Powerlifting meet, there was a bench only meet. A check of Open Powerlifting.Org confirmed that JM had a ten year bench press career which began in 1992. JM’s best shirted …


Walter Kurda – A German Benchpress Phenomenon

I had the honor of interviewing Walter Kurda, a legend of German strength sports, about his career and training philosophy. Bench pressing is one of his favorite exercises, and he is unchallenged in his age class. At the age of 62, he benchpressed 220 kilos/485lb! He was born in the year 1953 in the city …


Interview of Grandpa Bench Press Star Kole Carter

Missouri Bench Press Phenom Kole Cater is an anomaly in the bench press wars. No one makes gains raw past the age of 50 in bench pressing, but Kole smashes that myth with his continued improvement as he nears 60! I was recently able to interview Kole and this is what I was able to …


frank zane benchpress

Bench press Like FRANK ZANE!

Recently I found a great article penned by ‘Joseph M. Horrigan’ published in Iron Man. He analyzed the benchpress and asked four world-class powerlifters (Doug Young, Dave Shaw, Roger Estep and Steve Miller) and one Mr. Olympia winner (Frank Zane) about their experience with the bench press. Doug Young: “I helped Larry Pacifico with his …


richard schoenenberger

Richard Schoenberger – Big Daddy from Southern Cali

I have been fortunate in my life time to meet and experience many amazing human beings, specifically many who are interested in training for strength improvement. When I relocated to Southern California in 1991, I first lived in Whittier, which had a number of really cool hardcore gyms within a short drive of each other. …


brian shaw benchpress routine

Brian Shaw’s Quarantine Bench PR Program

Brian Shaw is the most prolific U.S. Strongman, currently with 4 world strongest man titles under his belt as well as 3 Arnold Classic Strongman wins. In 2020, Brian began showcasing on YouTube the building of his new residence in Colorado with a focus on the incredible home gym he has earned through blood, sweat, …


Peary Rader: The Most Influential Person of Physical Culture of All time

The role that Peary Rader has played in the establishment of physical culture can not be understated. The founder and editor of Ironman Magazine provided a trusted platform in his periodical that presented timeless training and nutrition information. The boldest move that Peary made in publishing was placing the statement “The Quality Magazine For All …


Serge Nubret’s Quotes from

The following quotes are from the forum ‘’. It was a great forum with oldtime bodybuilders like Serge Nubret, Vince Anello and Richard Baldwin. I think the owner died and thus the platform was shutted down. Serge used to write some posts about training/diet and I was able to save them. Here are Serge Nubret’s posts…It’s …


Karl Norberg: Old Man Strength!

Karl Norberg, born in 1893, in Brecke, Sweden, was a great benchpress legend. He was very famous and even trained with Bruno Sammartino!!! Furthermore Mr. Norberg was able to benchpress 460lb/208kg at age of 71! In this article you will learn Mr. Norberg’s lifestory and training philosophy, have fun – Mr. Berg!! On January 5, 1893, in the …


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