Train Like A Beast: Doug Young’s Training Routine

  Doug Young was world champion in power-lifting from 1975 to 1977. He was the first man under 300lb/136kg to bench press more than 500lb/226kg! There were 4 Type of system/programs, which Doug Young used to improve his benchpress. (1) The legendary 8 Months routine. Doug Young made rapid progress with this system. He was able to …


Marvin eder bodybuilder weightlifter training

Marvin Eder Training Routine

Marvin had no special routine, or favorite exercises. He combined Olympic Weightlifting with Bodybuilding and advocated working with bars and dumbells. This made up a large part of his training program. Marvin went through many training shedules but there was one trend through all the training years: Ultimate and maximum exertion! In this article I will …


Big Jim Williams Training Routine

I wrote a detailed article about him a few months ago. He was inprisoned and thus he started lifting weights and it was there he started to developing training theories like “High Volume”. Jim did a 300lb/136kg military press and 405lb/183kg bench in the prison. Full Article about Jim: Big Jim Williams From Prisoner To World Champion   Monday Squat …


Doug Hepburn: The Strongman, with a fragile psyche

Douglas Ivan Hepburn (1926 – November 22, 2000) was a Canadian strongman and weightlifter. During the 1950s he was publicly known as the “world’s strongest man”. Doug was also a singer, a dog-raiser, a gym owner, a bouncer, a philosopher. He usually wore a moustache, which with his thick dark hair gave him the look of an …


Big Jim Williams From Prisoner To World Champion

  Jim is one of the first black men to establish himself and a world record holder in powerlifting. Jim Williams said that he bench pressed 600 lbs (272 kg) before learning about steroids. He has been lifting weights since 1966. Furthermore he has done 25 powerlifting meets and won 21 of them! Jim Williams is …


Doug Young Beast Of America

Doug Young was born in the year 1944 in Texas,USA. Mr. Young was a railroad conductor. He played football during high school and college but he had to stop playing football. His knees could not stand the strain. Thus he started powerlifting. He was world champion in power-lifting from 1975 to 1977, and strength coach. …


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