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A Tribute To Ray Rigby

Ray Rigby was a weightlifting and powerlifting legend from the 80s. Ken Leistner was very close to him and the following article was written by him (1998, Pl USA)! – Mr. Berg “I am very saddened to write that Ray Rigby has passed away. Ray was known widely in both powerlifting and track and field circles …


Bev Francis Training Philosophy

https://www.facebook.com/116733248412758/photos/pb.100044496156930.-2207520000../1310328469053224/?type=3 Beverley “Bev” Francis is an Australian gym owner and retired professional bodybuilder, powerlifter, and national shot put champion. Best lifts Squat: 500lb/230 kg Bench press: 335lb/152 kg Deadlift – 501lb/227 kg Lifestory Bev Francis (February 15, 1955) was born in Geelong, a city 45 miles from Melbourne, and lived there until she left high school. As a …


Sergio Oliva: The Strong Arm of the Law

 Sergio Oliva was born in Cuba as one of 22 children. As a weightlifter he was a member of the Cuban delegation to the 1962 Pan American Games in Jamaica. He used the opportunity to break away from the team to Chicago (at that time, Cuba’s citizens practically never received exit permits). He came to the …


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