“Ask any bodybuilding trainee his or her favorite bodypart in regard to actual training and the answer, more often than not, will be the arms. Of course, the public in general also hits upon this area. Think about it. The first question from a “man in the street” to an active iron pumper is, “How …

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Kal Szkalak Arm Workout

The following arm workout routine was developed by Kalman Szkalakin the year 1978. He won bodybuilding titles like Mr. America (1976), Mr. USA (1977) and IFBB Mr. Universe (1977) -Mr. Berg “Might is right! With heavy weights and supersets Kal’s arm training developed the power and size that helped vanquish the best bodybuilders in the …

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jim haislop biceps bodybuilding

The Biceps and Its Characteristics

The following bicep workout was developed by bodybuilding legend Jim Haislop in the year 1969. – Mr. Berg “More time is spent on bicep curling than on any other group of exercises. It is a bodybuilder’s greatest desire to increase his bicep measurement over all other body parts, for every bodybuilder wants a large and …

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reg park arm workout oldschool

How Reg Park Developed 20 1/2″ Arms!

Every bodybuilder admires and wants bigger arms. To date, the largest arm measured Reg Park has had were 20 1/2 inches at 235 pounds bodyweight. According to Mr. Park if you are already in fairly hard muscular shape, it will be impossible for you to increase your arm size unless you increase your bodyweight. So, if, …

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Sergio Oliva Arm Workout

Sergio Oliva was born in Cuba as one of 22 children. As a weightlifter he was a member of the Cuban delegation to the 1962 Pan American Games in Jamaica. He used the opportunity to break away from the team to Chicago (at that time, Cuba’s citizens practically never received exit permits). He came to the …

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Chuck Sipes Arm Workout

Chuck Sipes the real bodybuilding hero: Mr. America, Mr. Universe and Mr. World. He was not only a bodybuilder, Chuck Sipes was also a role model. He changed, helped shaped lives of men and youngsters. He helped them to build a better body and mind set. Search through my blog for Chuck Sipes incredible story. But …

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Old School Arm Workout by Mr. America

Dale Adrian has been able to build an over 19″ measurement and won many best Arms awards. A lot of guys thought Dale had the secret. Dale’s only answer is to use weights. You have to train steadily and consistently, never missing workouts. Over the past three years, he has laid off training only two …

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Casey Viator’s Brutal Arm Training

As Casey Viator started training he had about a 17 1/2 inch (43cm) arm. Back in those days he used to use a lot of heavy, heavy movements, barbell curls, heavy lying tricep extensions, heavy dipping and chinning. Everything was done pretty strong, he moved slowly so he has never had elbow or knee problems. …

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Larry Scott Arm Training

Larry Scott Arm Training

Larry Dee Scott (October 12, 1938 – March 8, 2014), nicknamed “The Legend” and “The Golden Boy,” was an American IFBB professional bodybuilder. He won the inaugural 1965 Mr. Olympia competition and defended the crown at the 1966 Mr. Olympia contest before retiring. Larry’s length of his training career is outstanding. Above you can see him …

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