Compiling Steroid Talk from Great Muscle Champions

I am collecting old magazines and digitalizing them on my computer; further, I am downloading a lot of old material from forums and paid-membership websites, so I have a ton of information. In this article, I want to compile all old-time bodybuilders who had an opinion about steroids and further talked about steroid abuse. Of …



Mike Knight got the chance to visit Pearl’s and Draper’s seminar in 2005. He gave me the permission to share his work! “First off, it was good to meet John Corlett and his brother today, they are great guys. Also their friend (sorry I can’t remember his name) who said that he actually “witnessed” Chuck …


kazmaier interview

Bill Kazmaier – The World’s Strongest Seminar

Jerry Pritchett, 2017 America’s Strongest Man hosted Bill Kazmaier at his gym for a seminar recently and I was lucky enough to attend. The Kaz has graced us with a great deal of social media information such as YouTube videos with Josh Bryant, many of his European seminars appear online, as well as his own …


bill pearl training tips

Training Tips From Bill Pearl

Article was written by Leo Stern (Bill’s Coach) published in S&H 1967 June. – Mr. Berg “Broad shoulders add about as much to a person’s physical appearance as any other part of the anatomy. Regardless of how a person is dressed, broad shoulders are hard to hide and will automatically make an impression on any …


bodybuilding dennis tinerino

Learn To Pose For Bodybuilding Competition!

“When a bodybuilder decides to enter an important physique contest, there are several things he must consider. He must train for muscularity, shave excessive body hair, and most importantly, he must practice his posing. Many bodybuilders will spend hours developing a really terrific physique, and then fail to display it properly through faulty posing. Some …


The Improved Bill Pearl And His Training Program

There are many articles about Bill Pearl’s training. But the following is very unique and was written by Bill’s coach ‘Leo Stern’. Leo coached and helped him in his teenage years to build a great physique. I asked Bill Pearl about him and he wrote this: “Berg, without Leo Stern there would be no Bill …


pat casey workout

Pat Casey 25 Rep Pump Training

Ken Leistner met and knew bench press legend Pat Casey. The following article was written by Ken. It was not ghost written or made up. Here you will read the pure truth about Pat Casey’s workout! – Mr. Berg “Approximately two years ago, I wrote an article in which I made the statement that Pat Casey was …


leo stern bodybuilding interview

Interview with Leo Stern

Leo Stern was one of the greatest bodybuilding coaches and photographs! He introduced Bill Pearl to bodybuilding. I asked Pearl about Leo Stern and he said this: “Berg, If it was not for Leo Stern there would be no Bill Pearl…the bodybuilder!” Here’s Leo Stern’s Interview from PL USA, 1995 Dec. – Mr. Berg Q: …


Dennis Tinerino bodybuilding

Dennis Tinerino: Mr. America A Dream Come True

“As I sat in the lobby of the airport in Columbus, Ohio on Sunday, June 11, 1967, just one day after winning the “Mr. America” title, I heard the last call coming over the loud speaker for all boarding Flight 17 for Kennedy Airport, New York. When I was seated and buckled down in my …


paul love bodybuilding

Paul Love: Love Of Bodybuilding!

“I love everything about bodybuilding or I wouldn’t be in it” says Mr. America Past-40, Paul Love. He had been involved in bodybuilding for several years and finally decided to shoot for the big-one – the Mr. America Over-40 competition. By all means, when Paul Love won the 1980 Masters Mr. America in Atlanta, Georgia, …


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