Compiling Steroid Talk from Great Muscle Champions

I am collecting old magazines and digitalizing them on my computer; further, I am downloading a lot of old material from forums and paid-membership websites, so I have a ton of information. In this article, I want to compile all old-time bodybuilders who had an opinion about steroids and further talked about steroid abuse. Of …



Mike Knight got the chance to visit Pearl’s and Draper’s seminar in 2005. He gave me the permission to share his work! “First off, it was good to meet John Corlett and his brother today, they are great guys. Also their friend (sorry I can’t remember his name) who said that he actually “witnessed” Chuck …


kazmaier interview

Bill Kazmaier – The World’s Strongest Seminar

Jerry Pritchett, 2017 America’s Strongest Man hosted Bill Kazmaier at his gym for a seminar recently and I was lucky enough to attend. The Kaz has graced us with a great deal of social media information such as YouTube videos with Josh Bryant, many of his European seminars appear online, as well as his own …


Bill Pearl’s Gym where champions trained!

Bill Pearl’s gym was legendary. All oldschool lifters like Chris Dickerson, Arnold, Chuck Ahrens, Pat Casey and others used to train there. Here’s Bill Pearl’s gym story! Bill and wife, Judy, designed the layout of the club and it was a real testimony to their vision. The structure (actually two adjacent buildings) was formerly a realty …


Bill Pearl: Mr. Universe Diet

Born in Prineville, Oregan, and reared in Yakim Washington, Bill Pearl was Mr. America in 1953, Mr. U.S.A in 1956, and Mr. Universe in 1953, 1956, 1961, 1967, and 1971. Mr. Pearl is 88 years old and thus one of the eldest bodybuilder. Today he is retired but still active coaching, giving advices and helping young bodybuilders. The …


Ray Routledge mr america mr universe

Raymond Routledge: U.S. Air Force Bodybuilder Champion

Mr. Routlege won both the Mr. Universe title and Mr. America title in the same year 1961. For my younger followers: those two titles were the most prestigious titles in American Bodybuilding history! Mr. Routledge was very famous, every bodybuilding magazine wanted to print his physique on their covers. Millions of young people saw and …


Chris Dickerson Mr. Universe Training

Chris Dickerson (b. 1939) became the first African American Mr. America Winner in 1970 and the won the most prestigious title “IFBB Mr. Olympia” in 1982 at the age of 43. Chris was an average bodybuilder with exceptional calves and was able to turn into one of the top physique men in the country. His tremendous progress is …


Bill Pearl Bodybuilding

Bill Pearl: Man Of Gold

Bill Pearl is a bodybuilding pioneer and star. He won the Mr. Universe title at the age of 40. At this time, the world’s richest man, Paul Getty, was a Mr. Universe fan and used to attend the contests. He was so impressed by Bill Pearl’s muscle size and willpower that he invited him to visit his huge property. …


Chuck Sipes: The Bodybuilding Hero

Chuck Sipes was the real bodybuilding hero. He was Mr. America, Mr. Universe, and Mr. World. He was not only a bodybuilder; Chuck Sipes was also a role model. He changed, helped, and shaped the lives of troubled men and youngsters. Chuck Sipes’ story He was born on August 22, 1932, in Sterling, Illinois. As a youngster, …


Pat Casey Training Routine

Pat Casey considered the grandfather of Powerlifting; not only was he a behemoth of a man, but Pat Casey was the forefather of the bench press. Pat Casey became the first man in the world to do 600lb. in the bench press. In this article you will learn how to train like Pat Casey! Pat’s …


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