Val Vasilieff – Mr. America 1964

“Many people who have just recently met me, asked if I had been strong before I started to train with weights, and how I managed to gain such gigantic proportions without destroying what I call the symmetrical appearance. When I was 17 years old I weighed 170 pounds and practiced acrobatics everyday with my brother …


1968 mr america jim haislop

1968 Mr. America Report

“On Sunday evening, June 8th, twenty seven contestants mounted the posing platform at the William Penn High School Auditorium to vie for the coveted Mr. America Title. As the audience got their first look at the men it was obvious that it was going to be a battle between last year’s runner-up, Jim Haislop, and …


Ron Thompson: The Mr. America Hero The story of Ronald Thompson (b.December 26, 1943 d. 2003) is one of the big success stories of modern bodybuilding. He literally pulled himself up from the bottom in a short time and his dedication should be an inspiration to young bodybuilders everywhere. He won the 1974 Mr. America title, with unquestionably one of …


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