List of Mr.Germany winners

List of Mr.Germany. Some oldtime bodybuilders. In the future I’ll search for some old articles (report,training..) and publish here. Mr.Germany- Deutsche Meister 1960 Reinhard Smolana, Berlin 1961 Georg Schipper, Frankfurt 1962 Reinhard Lichtenberg, München 1963 Dr.Gernulf Garbe, Hannover 1964 Wolfgang Randelshofer, München 1965 Helmut Riedmeier, München 1966 Horst Mikulski, Berlin 1967 Peter Gottlob, Stuttgart 1968 …


Gold’s Classic 1976

Authors’ Note: Bob Kennedy, the Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of Muscle Mag Annual 77, wanted to include a very short article about the First Annual Gold’s Classic held on November 13, 1976. Believe me, writing so few words about such an exhilarating event was a huge challenge. Several of the competitors went on to become very well …


jerry daniels bodybuilder

Bodybuilder Who Beat Sergio Oliva? Jerry Daniels!

Jerry Daniels’ story begins in October of 1960. He was a sophomore in high school and had just finished the 1960 football season when he found out that his coach, Charles Pruitt of Lakeview High School in Rossville, Georgia, was trying to get some of the football players to begin working out with weights during …


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