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Franco Columbo’s History – From Europe To America

Some men are strong, and some are muscular. However, Franco Columbu was both and left a huge legacy behind him. In Germany, he used to be a so-called powerlifter, which means he trained for strength & power. Franco’s story is a special one of emigrating to a country without speaking its language. He was born …


Preacher Curl – Every Champion Used It – Here’s HOW!

I checked the Internet, and every website uses Stock-Photos of Fitness-Models to explain the exercise. It’s a shame that nobody is making reference to its origin. I own many historical fitness magazines dated back to the 1900s, and what used to work in the past will work out today. The guys from the Golden Era, …


Hubert Metz – Muscle Phenomenon From Germany

Recently I saw unbelievable before and after pictures of German bodybuilder Hubert Metz. At the left, he’s around 32 years old, and on the right, you see a 65-year-old and jacked Hubert Metz. Age is just a number, and Hubert proved it. He was able to maintain and conserve his whole muscle appearance over decades! In …


Greg Kovacs – The Canadian Colossus

During the decade of the 1990s, before the dawn of the Internet, a new phenomenon entered the bodybuilding world, the 400lb off season bodybuilder! Although there were a few athletes associated with this mythical figure for body mass, the most famous was Canadian IFBB professional Greg Kovacs. A YouTube video entitled Greg Kovacs- rare photos, …


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Tom Haviland – Operation 400 Muscular Pounds

In August 2014, Josh Bryant posted a 30 second YouTube clip of Tom Haviland deadlifting 710lbs. On February 25, 2015, Josh Bryant introduced the online strength community to his trainee in Australia, Tom Haviland. The short clip on Jailhouse Strong’s YouTube channel showed Tom deadlifting 760 lbs and benching 520 pounds. Over the next few …


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A Personal Interview with Abe Goldberg

A Personal Interview with Abe Goldbergby Prof. Em. OrlickYour Physique 1947 May His name is Abe Goldberg, and believe me, Joe’s enthusiasm about him was not misplaced. Abe stripped to gym togs for me and gave a nice muscular display as anyone could hope to see. His body was terrific and his muscular definition phenomenal. …


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Tom Platz: 80s Icon who still resonates today

If there was one iconic image of bodybuilding from the 1970s, it would have to be a bicep shot of Arnold Schwarzenegger. The most iconic bodybuilding image of the 1980s has to be the Golden Eagle, Tom Platz and his signature leg development which was out of this world. Tom Platz symbolized so many things …


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Sylvester Stallone’s Workout Buddy: Franco Columbu

As the summer of 2019 came to an end, a tragedy occurred which shocked the physical culture world-the iconic Franco Columbo had died in his Native Italy swimming. Later that year, Rambo Last Blood opened in theaters to acclaim, specifically as to the condition that Sylvester Stallone was in to bring Rambo back to the …


Jeff King: An update on a Bodybuilding Legend

Jeff King obtained legendary status in Bodybuilding in 1983 following his Mr America and Mr. Universe wins at the age of 22. Recently, Jeff was featured on John Hansen’s Bodybuilding Legends podcast, after he was the most sought after guest for years. Jeff has a very down to earth, humble and gracious nature so it …


Jusup Wilkosz Bein Training Oldschool

Vorwort von neckberg: Ein sehr interessantes bein-training buch von Jusup Wilkosz. Damals in den frühen 80ern waren Jusup und Arnold Schwarzenegger Trainingspartner und gut befreundet. Arnold hatte sogar Jusup von Deutschland nach Santa Monica zu sich einfliegen lassen, um gemeinsam zu trainieren. Gerüchten zu folge hat Arnold sogar geschafft für Jusup eine Rolle für den film …


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