Dave Draper Training Routine

Dave Draper aka. the mighty blond bomber. That man loved and breathed bodybuilding! He was very intense during working out. He never really talked much, his whole mind and heart was davoted to hard training and healthful living. Here’s Dave’s full training routine, have fun! When he walked into the gym he had no idea …

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mike mentzer training

Mike Mentzer Training Routine

Mike Mentzer’s REAL Training WisdomsOn my website neckberg.com nothing is ghost written or made up. It’s the pure truth how the oldtimers trained. And here’s Mike’s letter…Yes, he used to send letters/training guides to his fans (Courtesy of Mike Knight). I took some interesting quotes from those letters and put them below. By the way …

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Bill Pearl Full Training Routine

(1) Mr. America Training (1953)(2) Training For Variety(3) 1961 Mr. Universe Training (4) Bill’s Best Training Routine (Gained 50lb solid muscle!) MORE http://www.billpearl.com/home/ (1) Mr. America Training Routine designed by Bill’s coach ‘Leo Stern’ (1953) He started working out regularly with weights in November, 1950. He followed his own routines based on oldschool bodybuilding magazines. As time passed …

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Harold Poole Training routine

Harold Poole Training Routine

Harold (b. 1943 – August 7, 2014) became the first African-American to be named IFBB Mr. America. As a freshman, Harold ran a 54-second quarter mile and was a member of the school’s championship mile relay team. During his junior year in school, he placed second in the Indiana High School wrestling tournament as a 175 pounder.  There …

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Chet Yorton’s Training Routine

Chet Yorton trained a push/pull workout. Monday (Chest, Shoulders, triceps) Benchpress Flyes Incline Dumbell presses Seated presses Seated laterals Front raises Pushdowns Tuesday (Lat, Biceps, Legs) Pulldowns Wide-Grip Rows Alternating curls Concentration curls barbell curls Squats Leg extensions Leg curls machine calf raises Wednesday: Rest Thursday (Chest, Shoulders, triceps) Benchpress Flyes Incline Dumbell presses Seated …

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Steve Reeves Training Routine

At times he trained his entire body in one day, three times a week. For a period of six months straight, he ran a five minute mile, without missing. At other times he’d jog about three to five miles. He also said that bodybuilders should also include cardio in their training shedule. Luckily I found …

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