Casey Viator Training Routine for Mr. America 71

The following routine used Casey in his teenager years. In his adult hood he used to vary all the time. He never stayed on the same routine. The best training article on Casey during his 20s was written by Achilles Kallos and published in the October 1971 edition of Iron Man. This article listed Casey’s measurements …


Jusup Wilkosz: I Want To Be Buried With My Muscles

Jusup (means Joseph) Wilkosz is the most successful German bodybulider of all time. At 6 feet and 240 pounds he was an imposing sight and soon earned the nickname ‘The German Hercules’. Jusup’s life had also a tragic part. He had to experience all the highs and lows of life and sport. Jusup Wilkosz was …


Casey Viator: Hardrock Bodybuilder

Bodybuilding, Hard-Rock and smoking a pack of cigarettes a day. That was Casey Viator’s lifestyle. When Casey Viator was 19 he won the AAU Mr. America title. The youngest to ever win that bodybuilding Oscar. He was born on September, 1951 and grew up in New Iberia. Lifting weights start with heredity. In that department, …


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