Karl Norberg: Old Man Strength!

Karl Norberg, born in 1893, in Brecke, Sweden, was a great benchpress legend. He was very famous and even trained with Bruno Sammartino!!! Furthermore Mr. Norberg was able to benchpress 460lb/208kg at age of 71! In this article you will learn Mr. Norberg’s lifestory and training philosophy, have fun – Mr. Berg!! On January 5, 1893, in the …


Bruno Sammartino – The Amicable Pittsburgh Giant

Big Bruno Sammartino, the amicable Pittsburgh giant, was born in Italy. Shortly before the outbreak of World War Two his father came to America, planning to find employment and then send for his ample family. But the war erupted, and it was not until 1949 that the Sammartinos were all reunited and in their adopted …


Bruno Sammartino Training Workout

Bruno Sammartino Training Routine For Power

Here’s Power Training advice from the World’s Heavyweight Wrestling Champion and one of the most powerful men of all time! He has got a routine of 3 basic exercises, Bench Press, Curls and Standing Laterals. He used Bench Press as the cornerstone of his training, did 10-12 sets. He started around 300lb, and worked up doing …


Sergio Oliva: The Strong Arm of the Law

 Sergio Oliva was born in Cuba as one of 22 children. As a weightlifter he was a member of the Cuban delegation to the 1962 Pan American Games in Jamaica. He used the opportunity to break away from the team to Chicago (at that time, Cuba’s citizens practically never received exit permits). He came to the …


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