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Strand Pulling Exercises For Legs and Abs

The following chest expander exercises was recommended and developed by training expert David Webster. You are allowed to use any form of resistance equipment (Bands, Strand Pulling or Cable). In this tutorial he used the strand pulling and resistance band, have fun! Strand Pulling Workout for Abs Sit Ups The strandpulling version of an old favorite sit-up. …


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Home Band Workout Oldschool (Full Body)

Are you young and broken and do not have access to any gym equipment? Are you a businessman without much time? That’s not a problem and shall not be an excuse to skip the experience of building muscle and fitness! You can substitute weights with bands or resistance work! Even bodybuilding stars and Mr. Universe Winners ‘John …


chuck sipes cable training

Cable Training by Mr. America Chuck Sipes

According to Mr. America Chuck Sipes cable/band training puts more and more tension on the tendons, ligaments, and muscle area. Through cable work, these areas are strengthened in a different way than from weight training. With this thought in mind, the powerlifter would be wise to consider such training with cables in a powerlift schedule …


Russian Training System

Russian Training Program For Beginners

The following oldschool calisthenics workout was developed by Alexander Bucharov. He was one of the winner in the 1st and 2nd Russian Olympiad (1914-1915). The only thing you would need is a pair of light dumbbells or light weight ( e.g. bottles). Alex Bucharov: “Beginners should remember that it is the TIMES an exercise is …


George J Jowett training course workout

George F. Jowett Workout Courses

George F. Jowett was born in Bradford, Yorkshire, England in 1891 and emigrated at an early age to the North American continent. Many iron game followers knew him as one of the world’s most adept wrestlers and weightlifters of his time. He worked as a blacksmith and within a few years he had formed the …


Expander training oldschool

Oldschool Chest Expander Training by Reg Park

Mr. Universe Winner Reg Park was open-minded and tried everything to improve his training. His role model John Grimek used to train with expanders extensively. He cited expanders are great to integrate into your training regime during off-seasons. Lifting heavy weights for a long time of period will bring muscular aches and joint troubles. Expanders have got maximum …


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