jim haislop calf

Maximum Calf Development

“The calves are probably the most neglected body part in the advanced body builder as well as the beginner. It seems as though the public pays little attention to the development of the calves but tends to see only large arms on a physique whether it be on the beach or at a physique contest. …


boyer coe workout calves

All You Need To Know About Calf Development

The following article was written by bodybuilding legend Boyer Coe around 1970 – Mr. Berg “It is truly amazing, comparing the physiques of yesteryear with those of today. I can remember looking at photos of top physique stars when I was a kid, fellows like Steve Reeves, Jack Dillinger, Doug Strol, Sam Calhoun, Hugo La …


Reg Park calves workout

Calf Workouts: Exercises from Mr. Universe Reg Park!

Arnold Schwarzenegger took the advices on calves from Mr. Universe Winner Reg Park. He inceased weight and got great results. Arnold idolized and respected Mr. Park and the following calves workout philosophy could be done by Arnold Schwarzenegger! Here’s Mr. Park training secret, have fun – Mr. Berg According to Reg Park the ultimate development of …


Steve Reeves Oldschool Calves Workout

Hard work is the most important thing for developing calves. It is quite true that some bodybuilders experience little or no difficulty in building an outstanding calf development.  Others seem to labor over the years with nothing more than a quarter inch increase. What’s the remedy? It’s Specialization and HARD WORK. According to Steve Reeves …


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