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Oldschool Rib Cage Expansion Training

What’s the difference between oldschool bodybuilding and modern? The golden era pros loved to train and expand their Rib Box..Arnold, Reg Park, John Grimek and even Dennis Tinerino loved doing pullovers, stretching exercises and deep breathing.The following article was written by Dennis Tinerino, Mr. Universe, Mr USA and Mr America Winner! Dennis died on May, …

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joe abbenda chest workout

Heavy Training For Chest Development

The following golden era chest workout routine was developed by Mr. America winner Joe Abbenda – Mr. Berg “Except for the upper arms, most beginning weight trainees seem to be more interested in developing the chest than any other part of the body. And their point is well taken, for a well-developed chest area, inside …

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Developing A Massive Chest

The following chest workout routine was developed by golden era legend Boyer Coe around the 70s – Mr. Berg “This is one bodypart, along with arms that most bodybuilders enjoy working. The chest is a large muscle area, and responds quite easily to proper exercise. However some bodybuilders tend to overdo pectoral development. Thy build …

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Ken Hall: Mr. New York City

“For the past seven years I have been doing various exercises for the development of my chest but I wasn’t satisfied with the development I had attained and did not feel that my chest quite matched the rest of my development. I well recall when my friends urged me to enter the Mr. New York …

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Reg Park Chest Workout

A well developed chest, struturally and muscularly, makes man more imposing and impressive. According to Mr. Park most young bodybuilders when considering chest development think only of developing the pectoral muscles, and give little or no thought to the development of the lungs and the rib box, the basic structure for developing a large and powerful …

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George Eiferman training routine

George Eiferman Training Routine

George Eiferman (November 3, 1925 – February 12, 2002) was a notable figure in the sport of bodybuilding. Born in Philadelphia in 1925, he served in the Navy during World War II and entered into the sport of bodybuilding afterwards. He won the AAU Mr. America competition in 1948 and the Mr. Universe in 1962. …

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Expander training oldschool

Oldschool Chest Expander Training by Reg Park

Mr. Universe Winner Reg Park was open-minded and tried everything to improve his training. His role model John Grimek used to train with expanders extensively. He cited expanders are great to integrate into your training regime during off-seasons. Lifting heavy weights for a long time of period will bring muscular aches and joint troubles. Expanders have got maximum …

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