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All You Need To Know About Calf Development

The following article was written by bodybuilding legend Boyer Coe around 1970 – Mr. Berg “It is truly amazing, comparing the physiques of yesteryear with those of today. I can remember looking at photos of top physique stars when I was a kid, fellows like Steve Reeves, Jack Dillinger, Doug Strol, Sam Calhoun, Hugo La …


1968 mr america jim haislop

1968 Mr. America Report

“On Sunday evening, June 8th, twenty seven contestants mounted the posing platform at the William Penn High School Auditorium to vie for the coveted Mr. America Title. As the audience got their first look at the men it was obvious that it was going to be a battle between last year’s runner-up, Jim Haislop, and …


A Day With Chris Dickerson

“Morning with Chris Dickerson comes early. It must, for when 8:30 brings his job around, he must have shaved, showered, dressed, breakfasted AND trained. Since his workout lasts about 2 1/4 hours, Chris usually rises at 4:45. This leaves him time for the first of his four-a-day meals. Breakfast consists of three four-minute eggs, water, …


Chris Dickerson Mr. Universe Training

Chris Dickerson (b. 1939) became the first African American Mr. America Winner in 1970 and the won the most prestigious title “IFBB Mr. Olympia” in 1982 at the age of 43. Chris was an average bodybuilder with exceptional calves and was able to turn into one of the top physique men in the country. His tremendous progress is …


70’s Bodybuilding Stars

Richard Baldwin (Born: 2/21/47) Comments: “Richard had one of the most pleasing physiques around in his day. Everything fit together just so and because of his structural superiority he was able to compete at a relatively light bodyweight.” Titles Won: 1971 AAU Mr. Southern States 1972 AAU Mr. Texas 1975 AAU Mr. Southeastern USA 1978 AAU …


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