Clarence Ross: Mr. America Training 1945

Here is how Clancy Ross trained to win the Mr. America title and numerous others. The following outline is his three months course. He divided the course into four different routines. Each routine was designed for a definite purpose. The ‘Exercise No.1’ with thirty exercises aimed to build the body to its fullest extent as fas as bulk …

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Steve Reeves: The Shape

Stephen Lester Reeves was an American professional bodybuilder, actor, and philanthropist. Steve is a descendent of a combination of Welsh, Irish, German and English heritage. World famous Muscle Magazine photographer Russ Warner is quoted in the book Steve Reeves ‘One Of A Kind’ as saying “I don’t think there is one chance in 50 trillion, that the …

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Reg Park: The Strong Gentleman

Reg Park: The Strong Gentleman

Large broad shouldered, an easy laugh, well dressed, displaying a big neck, 3 times Mr. Universe Winner AND Arnold Schwarzenegger’s reason to start bodybuilding. Here’s the story of Reg Park!!! Reg Park was born on the 7th June 1928. He had an average childhood and was above average in swimming and athletics. Reg’s interest in …

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