Mike Knight got the chance to visit Pearl’s and Draper’s seminar in 2005. He gave me the permission to share his work! “First off, it was good to meet John Corlett and his brother today, they are great guys. Also their friend (sorry I can’t remember his name) who said that he actually “witnessed” Chuck …


Dave Shaw Training powerlifting

Dave Shaw Training Philosophy

Dave Shaw sent a letter to strength legend Anthony Ditillo. Here is Dave’s training philosphy. He favored the combination of powerlifting and bodybuilding. May he was the pioneer of ‘Powerbuilding’! Have fun – Mr. Berg “My training is going fairly well. My leg injury is a lot better as I squatted 500 for 5 reps …


John Kuc: The Strong Silent Type

John Kuc Ex-Marine and most scary Power Lifter in the 70s. He is known for his superhuman strength and mental attitude. He has one of the greatest psyches for powerlifting. During the competition he hardly talked at all. He cites that working out is a serious business and too much socializing will destroy the proper …


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