Jusup Wilkosz Trainingsphilosophie Für Masse

Frage und Antwort auf einige der populärsten Fragen:Frage: Ein wesentliches Anliegen der meisten Bodybuilder ist es, Muskelmasse aufzubauen. Ob es nun 5 Kilo sein sollten, um fürs Strandbad in Form zu kommen oder 20 kg, um große Meistershaften zu gewinnen. Das Problem ist jedesmal das gleiche. Wie lege ich an Muskelmasse zu, ohne gleichzeitig fett …

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joe meeko bodybuilding diet

Eating for the Hard Gainer by Joe Meeko

The following article was written by Mr. America Winner (1984) Joe Meeko in magazine S&H around 1980. – Mr. Berg “When I became seriously interested in bodybuilding, I attended a number of seminars conducted by top bodybuilders – Mike Mentzer and Gary Leonard, to name but two. The majority of the seminars were on nutrition …

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Serge Nubret’s Quotes from ironage.us

The following quotes are from the forum ‘ironage.us’. It was a great forum with oldtime bodybuilders like Serge Nubret, Vince Anello and Richard Baldwin. I think the owner died and thus the platform was shutted down. Serge used to write some posts about training/diet and I was able to save them. Here are Serge Nubret’s posts…It’s …

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Bill West – Gained Over 100lb!

Classic and old article about Bill “Peanuts” West by Earle Liederman published in S&H 1962 March. – Mr. Berg “The story of Bill West, the California strongman, is a revelation of what a special diet combined with weightlifting can make out of a thin weakling. Bill weighed but 102 pounds when his hands first touched a …

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bill grant today

Bill Grant and His Rugged Training Program

In this article you will learn the golden era legend Bill Grant. He competed against such legends Jim Haislop, Chris Dickerson, Boyer Coe and and and…Furthermore he trained with Arnold and Franco Columbo..Above you would see one of the most famous pictures! Arnold doing some calf raises and there are sitting two bodybuilders…Of course there’s …

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Bodybuilding For The Beginner by Jim Haislop

Golden Era Bodybuilder ‘James Haislop’ competed against Arnold. Furthermore he won one of the most prestigious titles in bodybuilding history ‘Mr. America’ in 1968. Here’s a beginer routine developed by Jim Haislop. – Mr. Berg “From time to time I have received letters from the novice bodybuilder. These letters from the beginners have increased my Mr. …

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