tim belkanp bodybuilding

Tim Belknap: Bodybuilding with Diabetes!

Tim Belknap sat on the edge of his living room couch, enthusiastically describing hat extra “something” that makes a champion. “You can tell just from their attitude toward their workout and diet,” he explained. “So many of these guys say they want to win titles, but they won’t put out that extra effort…do that extra …


Kal Szkalak: The Next Arnold Schwarzenegger!

https://www.facebook.com/andreascahling/photos/10158559963193749 Kalman Szkalak is a great bodybuilding legend. Even Arnold was aware of him. A lot of people said that he would be the next Arnold!  Arnold has only watched him in two competitions – the Mr. U.S.A. in New York and the Mr. Universe in Nimes where he beat Mike Mentzer. Arnold was extremely impressed with his …


jim haislop training philosophy

Jim Haislop’s Training Philosophy

Since the beginning in comparison of one physique to another this question has been asked over and over again, “What is the secret to obtaining the ultimate physique development?” Everyone is searching for the one key that will put them on the inside track to faster gains. They all want to know what the leading …


Jim Morris: Golden Era Workout

Bodybuilding legend Bill Pearl coached Jim Morris. After Jim arrived home from his greatest victory in London, Bill contacted him and asked if he would be interested in training seriously for the 1972 Mr. America under his personal guidance. This took Jim completely by surprise. He had retired from competition following the 69′ Mr. A. …


Ken Waller: From Football to Bodybuilding!

Ken Waller is a golden era bodybuilding legend. He was featured in the move “Pumping Iron” with Arnold Schwarzenegger! In 1971 he won the Mr. Universe title (amateur). He even transformed from football to bodybuilding with great success. Here’s Ken Waller’s story, workout routine and diet. – Mr. Berg Kenneth Henry Waller, was born on …


Jim Haislop: Navy Bodybuilder Champion

Oldschool Bodybuilder Jim Haislop won the Mr. Florida and Mr. Universe title. Furthermore he joined the Navy. In this article you will learn how he ate, trained and lived. – Mr. Berg Dick Dudge, the “Tampa Health Club” trained some bodybuilding icons and helped to win the title Mr. Florida.His first gym member was Lowell …


Roger Walker: Mr. Australia 1973

Roger Walker began training at 17 years of age. He never had any instruction or good equipment. In a way it was good because he had to find out the hard way what was good for him. It took a few years to make any progress. At that time he was in the Armed Services …


Bob Gajda bodybuilder

Bob Gajda: Bodybuilder Biography and Workout

Oldschool bodybuilder Bob Gajda is considered by many to be the physique surprise in the 1965 Mr. America contest. His nickname was “The Darkhouse”. In this article you will learn how he lived, ate and trained. The workout routine at the end followed Mr. gajda prior to winning the 1965 Mr. USA contest. – Mr. …


george eiferman bodybuilder

Back Workout by Mr. America George Eiferman

“Unless you have had the privilege of standing near to Geroge Eiferman and have then studied his extraordinary muscle density, you cannot obtain a true view of him with your mind’s eye from reading meager attempts to describe his physique. Neither can you comprehend through words his likeable personality, exceptional wit or his friendly disposition. …


Steve Marjanina powerhouse

Steve Merjanian: The Powerhouse!

Those of us who are and have been avid admirers of size and strength, can well remember the days before powerlifting became the recognized sport it is today. In California there was a group of men that used bodybuilding exercises with unlimited poundages and the results had to be seen to be believed. These men existed …


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