Bulk Up Routine beginners

Bulk Up Routine by Paul Anderson

Paul Edward Anderson (October 17, 1932 – August 15, 1994) was an American weightlifter, strongman and powerlifter. He was an Olympic gold medalist, a world champion and a two-time national champion in Olympic weightlifting. In this article you will learn how Mr. Anderson obtained body bulk, have fun – Mr. Berg Paul Anderson cited that …


Johnny Fuller Bodybuilding Workout

https://www.facebook.com/116733248412758/photos/pb.100044496156930.-2207520000../2138900172862712/?type=3 Johnny never stopped an exercise until he had done at least 10 sets, and he never concluded a set until he had reached his magical of 32! That’s right. Ten sets per exercise done for 32 reps each set! Considering the fact that Johnny may use anywhere up to seven exercises per bodypart, this …


Bruno Sammartino – The Amicable Pittsburgh Giant

Big Bruno Sammartino, the amicable Pittsburgh giant, was born in Italy. Shortly before the outbreak of World War Two his father came to America, planning to find employment and then send for his ample family. But the war erupted, and it was not until 1949 that the Sammartinos were all reunited and in their adopted …


charles rigoulot workout

Charles Rigoulot Training Philosophy

Charles Rigoulot was born in 1903, at Vesinet (near Paris), France. His father and grandfather, butchers by trade, were extremely vigorous. Charles was a tough and robust lad, a scrapper, and parents of his victims during school days used to complain to the Rigoulot family. At nine he was leader of a youthful gang engaged …


Weight Training for Wrestling Program by Lloyd Red Lerille

The following workout routine was developed by Mr. America Winner Lloyd Red Lerille. He was born in 1936 and is a New Orleans native. The winner of numerous bodybuilding titles, including Mr. New Orleans in 1955, Mr. Armed Forces and Mr. Hawaii in 1958, Mr. Dixie in 1959, and AAU Mr. America which he won in …


Lee Phillips

Lee Phillips: Drink Milk and Get Big!

Lee Phillips was the biggest and most promising heavyweight lifters in the United States but also one of the least seen and therefore least known! There is no question that Lee was one of our top heavyweights. He proved this when he placed third in the Olympic Tryouts with a very impressive 1074 total. And …


Anthony Clark Workout Routine

Anthony Wayne Clark (born September 15, 1966 in Philippines — died May 22, 2005 in Friendswood, Texas, U.S.) was an American powerlifter, holder of the world record for the reverse grip bench press and member of the York Barbell Hall of Fame. He was the first and only teenager to bench press 600 pounds, 1986. …


Roy Callender Workout and Diet

Callender was born 1944 in Barbados to an academician couple. His interest in bodybuilding started by the age of 8 and after moving to England for studying law and from 1967, he began to compete, winning the title Mr Southeast Britain the same year. He became Mr. United Kingdom in 1968. After finishing second in the …


Roy Duval Mr. Universe Workout

Back in 1973 London Roy Duval had the the pinacle of his bodybuilding career. He won the NABBA Mr. Britain title, followed a few weeks later by the Mr. Europe award, then shortly after that the coveted Mr. World crown. One year later, in 1974 he was again on winner’s rostrum, this time as Amateur …


Frank Richards Mr. Britain Training Routine

Frank is one of the greatest british bodybuilders. He won the Mr. Britain title in 1969 and has given exhibition in Germany and in America. He has a fine personality and spends a lot of time helping others and answering their questions. In 1965 Frank entered his first show which was a small local event …


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