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Brad Harris Workout Philosophy

Bradford Harris was an American actor and stuntman. He appeared in a variety of roles in over 50 films, mostly in European productions. That movie star met and trained with Arnold Schwarzenegger! Arnold once said if Brad Harris decided to train for bodybuilding contests he would be a WORLD BEATER. Bred was a kind of idol …

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Albert Beckles Workout Routine

Beckles was born in Barbados, 1930. There he started Olympic Weightlifting as a teenager. He had considerable success before he badly injured his back. At the age of 21 he emigrated to London, England to live, and recommenced weight training with the emphasis on bodybuilding to ease his back. After years of training he entered …

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Bill Pearl: Mr. Universe Diet

Born in Prineville, Oregan, and reared in Yakim Washington, Bill Pearl was Mr. America in 1953, Mr. U.S.A in 1956, and Mr. Universe in 1953, 1956, 1961, 1967, and 1971. Mr. Pearl is 88 years old and thus one of the eldest bodybuilder. Today he is retired but still active coaching, giving advices and helping young bodybuilders. …

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mike mentzer training

Mike Mentzer Training Routine

Mike Mentzer’s REAL Training WisdomsOn my website nothing is ghost written or made up. It’s the pure truth how the oldtimers trained. And here’s Mike’s letter…Yes, he used to send letters/training guides to his fans (Courtesy of Mike Knight). I took some interesting quotes from those letters and put them below. By the way …

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