frank zane benchpress

Bench press Like FRANK ZANE!

Recently I found a great article penned by ‘Joseph M. Horrigan’ published in Iron Man. He analyzed the benchpress and asked four world-class powerlifters (Doug Young, Dave Shaw, Roger Estep and Steve Miller) and one Mr. Olympia winner (Frank Zane) about their experience with the bench press. Doug Young: “I helped Larry Pacifico with his …

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doug young powerlifting meet

Doug Young’s Powerlifting Meet

Everyone who is seriously interested in powerlifting history will be familiar with names like Doug Young and Bill Kazmaier. The following cover-shot of Doug Young is famous but it seems nobody knows the story behind this picture. The picture was taken during Doug Young’s Powerlifting meet and here’s the background story (source: PL USA 1981) – Mr. …

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Bill Kazmaier Doug Young

Bill Kazmaier vs. Doug Young

Somewhere around 1980,  there was a contest called the Strongbow Strongman Challenge. It was organized in London. The invitees included Bill Kazmaier, Larry Kidney, Ernie Hackett, Lars Hedlund and DOUG YOUNG (plus a few European lifters). They were assembled to test their strength – On the clean and Jerk, Deadlift and two hands dumbbell press (for …

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Bill Kazmaier: The Psycho Strongman

The World’s Strongest Man ‘William Kazmaier’ was born December 30, 1953. Kazmaier is of german ancestry. His grandfather was born in germany and moved to america and married a native american indian. Bill Kazmaier is well known for his pych up routine. The six foot-three, three hundred and thirty pound Kaz, saunters up to the bar, breaks open two …

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John Kuc: The Strong Silent Type

John Kuc Ex-Marine and most scary Power Lifter in the 70s. He is known for his superhuman strength and mental attitude. He has one of the greatest psyches for powerlifting. During the competition he hardly talked at all. He cites that working out is a serious business and too much socializing will destroy the proper …

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Doug Young Beast Of America

Doug Young was born in the year 1944 in Texas,USA. Mr. Young was a railroad conductor. He played football during high school and college but he had to stop playing football. His knees could not stand the strain. Thus he started powerlifting. He was world champion in power-lifting from 1975 to 1977, and strength coach. …

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70s powerlifting legends

70’s Power Lifting Stars

The 1970’s were a fantastic decade in powerlifting history that saw many all-time lifting barriers fall and/or nearly fall. In the squat, 900 would first succumb in 1972 compliments of either John Kuc or Jon Cole (depends on whose side you want to take) and we would have Joe-Joe White’s close miss with 1,000 lbs …

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