Ed Coan: The Roots of the Greatest Powerlifter

Ed Coan is unquestionably considered the greatest powerlifter of all time based upon the dominance he displayed over all others as well as for the length of time during which he performed at such a stratospheric level.  Ed probably does not remember me, but I have met him twice and I attended one of his …


Svend Karlsen strongman

Svend Karlsen: Viking Power!

Svend Karlsen (born 6 October 1967) is a Norwegian former strongman, powerlifter, and IFBB professional bodybuilder. He is well known for shouting his catch phrase “Viking Power!” during competitions. He was able to win the World’s Strongest Man title in 2001. Svend started training at the early age of 14 in an underground gym called …


Kirk Karwoski: The Crazy Powerlifter

Kirk Karwoski (b. sep 6, 1966) is widely considered one of the greatest squatters in the history of powerlifting. Many people recognize Kirk’s 1000lb x 2 squat to be the most impressive set in history. As a child he was fat and the other neighborhood children picked on him. One day his grandfather bought him his first weight set when he …


80’s Power Lifting Stars

Mike Bridges (Birth date: february 1, 1957) Who is that? It’s a shame his feats aren’t hailed about today. Mike was the superlative powerlifter. A winner of five world championships and several world record. How about a total of 2105 lb at 181lb body weight. That’s total that maybe one other lifter has approached. Mike …


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