Ehrling Wahlgren: Swedish Superman Workout

In Sweden, Ehrling’s name is synonymous with bodybuilding, just as Arnold is in the USA, and Sergio is in the mid-west and Latim America. His food supplements and bodybuilding courses are the best sellers. He has appeared several times on Swedish television, not only to comment on exercise and health, but also on current events …


Ehrling Wahlgren bodybuilder workout

Ehrling Wahlgren: Mr. Scandinavia and Mr. Sweden

Ehrling Wahlgren was a bodybuilding champion and well known in North Europe (Scandinavia, Sweden). He favored training with heavy weights especially he enjoyed hack deadlifting. He managed to hacklift 780lb/350kg! In this article you will learn how he trained, ate and lived. Keep pumping – Mr. Berg! Ehrling Wahlgren, born October 27, 1946 in Ystad, …


1969 Mr. Universe: Arnold and Boyer won!

The 1969 Nabba Universe was held in London. They used to have two separate contests for amateurs and professionals.  The ruling to be called ‘Professional’ was simple: Full time instructor in health studio or gyms, professional athletes, full time gym owner or those who devote their living to bodybuilding. Following countries were represented: Syria, Egypt, …


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