Note by neckberg: The following excerption is from Mike Mentzer’s bodybuilding magazine ‘Workout’. Yes, Mr. Mentzer used to run a mag but with a short run (1 Year). Thanks to Irene L. Hause for sending this piece of bodybuilding history.!    Author’s Note: This 1985 article appeared in WorkOut magazine as a companion piece to “Urban Stress Survival” …


Mr. International on Women’s Bodybuilding

Mr. International on Women’s Bodybuilding by Irene L. Hause Photo Credit: Collins Strength & Health May 1983 Noted for his progressive thinking, Andreas Cahling is one of the first well-known male bodybuilders to train with women. In this exclusive interview he shares his feelings and opinions on the sport of women’s bodybuilding. ———- Question: Why do you …

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joe abbenda workout summer

Summer Workout For Bodybuilders

Mr. America and Mr. Universe Winner (1962) “Joe Abbenda” will discuss training during summer and he’ll give some tipps about nutrition and reducing weight. – Mr Berg “In past years I have found myself taking most of the summer off. In fact, before last summer I hadn’t trained through one complete season for over five …

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brad harris arnold schwarzenegger

Brad Harris Workout Philosophy

Bradford Harris was an American actor and stuntman. He appeared in a variety of roles in over 50 films, mostly in European productions. That movie star met and trained with Arnold Schwarzenegger! Arnold once said if Brad Harris decided to train for bodybuilding contests he would be a WORLD BEATER. Bred was a kind of idol …

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