John Gamble: NFL Strength Coach Training Wisdoms

You are playing football and need some help to improve your athletic performance? Maybe you’re dreaming to play for the NFL? Or even you want to become a Strength Coach for the NFL? Then I have some good news for you. In this article you will learn from the best, John Gamble! But who is …


Ken Waller: From Football to Bodybuilding!

Ken Waller is a golden era bodybuilding legend. He was featured in the move “Pumping Iron” with Arnold Schwarzenegger! In 1971 he won the Mr. Universe title (amateur). He even transformed from football to bodybuilding with great success. Here’s Ken Waller’s story, workout routine and diet. – Mr. Berg Kenneth Henry Waller, was born on …


Joe Bednarski workout

Joe Bednarski: The Polish Hammer

J√≥zef Bednarski (born January 21, 1941) is a Polish-American former professional wrestler and bodybuilder, best known by the ring name Ivan Putski. He was given the nicknames “The Polish Hammer” and “Polish Power”. In this article you will learn how Mr. Bednarski trained before he was bitten by the wrestling bug. As a youngster he …


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