Siegmund Klein – Good Forearm Exercises

Siegmund Klein was a gym owner in New York. Furthermore he loved bodybuilding, strength training and writing articles. The following article was written in 1954. Mr. Klein will reveal some oldtime bodybuilding & strongman exercises! “Powerful wrists and forearms have always had a great fascination for many athletes, for large wrists and shapely forearms are …


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Develop a Mighty Grip by Terry Todd

The following grip and forearm workout course was developed by oldschool strongman Terry Todd.  All of the exercises and feats of strength mention in this article can help you achieve a greater grip and forearm. Their practice will not only help you in the performance of your regular exercises, but they will make you more successful …


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Forearm Workout by Mr. Universe Reg Park

The following forearm workout was developed by Mr. Universe Winner and Arnold Schwarzenegger’s role model Reg Park! Reg Park’s forearm workout! Without doubt the three most under-developed parts of the majority of bodybuilder’ physiques are the neck, calf and forearms. According to Reg Park forearms are often considered to be a very difficult section to …


Casey Viator’s Brutal Arm Training

As Casey Viator started training he had about a 17 1/2 inch (43cm) arm. Back in those days he used to use a lot of heavy, heavy movements, barbell curls, heavy lying tricep extensions, heavy dipping and chinning. Everything was done pretty strong, he moved slowly so he has never had elbow or knee problems. …


John Grimek: How To Build Forearms

Reg Park (Mr. Universe Winner and Arnold’s rolemodel!) toured through America and visited the famous strongman and gym owner Sig Klein. Sig told him time he met the legendary John Grimek was in 1932 when Grimek was only 24 years old! Sig looked at Grimek’s large wrist and asked him to roll his shirt sleeve up so …


Chuck Sipes Forearm Training

Oldschool Bodybuilder and Strongman enthusiasts, Chuck Sipes, liked forearm exercises and he felt they have helped him greatly in his ability to bend irons and spikes. There are many types of exercises for building tremendous power into the hands and forearms. Here’s Sipe’s routine that he has followed many times for great progress. The following …


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