Translating Arnold’s Content from German To English

The YouTube video entitled “Arnold Schwarzenegger German Lesson” obtained just an incredible number of views. Arnold is counting in German: “One, two, three,” while Franco is benching. Then, Arnold said, “That’s enough for today.” Franco started laughing and couldn’t finish the bench press. Franco replied, “Du miststück” (“You son of a bitch”) and was able …

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Full Day of Eating With Schwarzenegger and Karl Kainrath

As every hard-core Arnold Schwarzenegger fan knows, before conquering the world of bodybuilding, he made a name for himself being an inhumanly strong weightlifter in Austria and throughout Europe. Arnold knew, bodybuilding was his real passion. In approximately 1966 he made the decision to move away from Austria to Munich, Germany.  Back in the day, …

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The following is a quote from one of the most-watched motivational videos from the “Nicandro Motivation” YouTube channel, entitled “Monster”: “There’s only one word that can best describe our next bodybuilder, and that word is ‘freak’. You know him. You love him. You can’t have this show without him. All the way from Germany… clear …


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Leonidas Arkona – Berlin’s Muskel Gigant

Berlin, die Hauptstadt Deutschlands, ist bekannt für seine Gründerszene. Die Stadt ist voll von Menschen, welche den Straßen entlang gehen mit der Hoffnung, eines Tages ihre eigene Marke zu etablieren. In den letzten Jahren hat sich Berlin zu einem der größten Hotspots rund um das Thema Kraftsport entwickelt! Der Youtube-Kanal “Strength Wars” wurde 2012 von Konrad Wolf …

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Roman Fritz: Blood, Pride and Determination

Roman Fritz has dedicated his whole life to bodybuilding success.  One of his personal trademarks is pure determination to exercise with great technique through using the power of concentration. Squatting is done deep, benching is executed slowly and controlled with the strictest form. Another trade mark of Roman is that he rarely skips any workouts. …

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