Jon Cole – Strength Savage

Jon Cole is still revered by hard core strength training practitioners the world over for the feats he accomplished almost 50 years ago. Jon held the all time super-total record for over a quarter of a century, with the highest official combined powerlifting and Olympic lifting totals. Jon weighed 282 when he did his best …

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oldschool grip training

Exercises for Strengthening the Grip

The following article was written by oldtime strongman and bodybuilder Siegmund Klein in 1965 April (published in MD). – Mr. Berg “Bodybuilders do not have the grip they should have! I know. For many years I have tested bodybuilders on gripping stunts and have found very of them possess the grip that their large biceps would …

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forearm workout

Develop a Mighty Grip by Terry Todd

The following grip and forearm workout course was developed by oldschool strongman Terry Todd.  All of the exercises and feats of strength mention in this article can help you achieve a greater grip and forearm. Their practice will not only help you in the performance of your regular exercises, but they will make you more successful …

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how to bend nails strongman exercise

The Art Of Nail Bending

The following technique of bending nails was developed by oldtimer Peter Lindop – have fun! How to bend nails with your hands? According to Mr. Lindop Nail Breaking is one of the best ways of developing one’e forearm, and to demonstrate one’s forearm and wrist strength. The man in the street or at your place …

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Build Your Own Hand Gripper!

The next time some wise guy shakes hands with you and you feel all the bones in your hands and fingers crunch and crackle, don’t get mad. The guy’s probably been exercising with a “Gripper” and has developed that well known vice-like grip. Make one yourself and pulverize his pinkies the next time. The Gripper …

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George J Jowett training course workout

George F. Jowett Workout Courses

George F. Jowett was born in Bradford, Yorkshire, England in 1891 and emigrated at an early age to the North American continent. Many iron game followers knew him as one of the world’s most adept wrestlers and weightlifters of his time. He worked as a blacksmith and within a few years he had formed the …

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John Grimek: How To Build Forearms

Reg Park (Mr. Universe Winner and Arnold’s rolemodel!) toured through America and visited the famous strongman and gym owner Sig Klein. Sig told him time he met the legendary John Grimek was in 1932 when Grimek was only 24 years old! Sig looked at Grimek’s large wrist and asked him to roll his shirt sleeve up so …

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Mac Batchelor Training For Grip Strength

The mighty Mac Batchelor possessed finger grip with more power than anyone else in the world. The fact that he can open bottles with his fingers, bend the bottle-caps between any fingers, straighten the caps out again and then once more bend them along the grooves between any fingers will prove his finger power. Furthermore Mac …

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