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Ms. Hause allowed me to publish the great and historical article on neckberg. Thumbail picture by John Corlett, edited by neckberg. Written byIrene L. Hause Photos: One by Chris Lund; four uncreditedMuscleMag InternationalNumber 33, January 1983 After a particularly exhausting day at work, I am in bed, halfheartedly watching television. The phone rings, and the voice …


Mike Armstrong: Shaping Young Minds & Bodies Through Bodybuilding

MIKE ARMSTRONG Shaping Young Minds & Bodies Through Bodybuilding by Jeffrey Louis [pseudonym for Irene L. Hause] Photo by Michael Neveux Muscle Up Volume 2, Number 6 August 1980 This Los Angeles schoolteacher uses weightlifting as an inspiration for inner city school kids to become dedicated to a goal. Mike Armstrong gets up at 4:30 a.m. to …

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Gold’s Classic 1976

Authors’ Note: Bob Kennedy, the Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of Muscle Mag Annual 77, wanted to include a very short article about the First Annual Gold’s Classic held on November 13, 1976. Believe me, writing so few words about such an exhilarating event was a huge challenge. Several of the competitors went on to become very well …

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Andreas Cahling – Success is the Journey

https://www.facebook.com/andreascahling/photos/10158539757828749 AUTHOR’S NOTE:  When the editor of Muscle Training Illustrated asked Andreas Cahling for an article summarizing the progression of his career as a foreign-born bodybuilder, Andreas asked me to write it. I had known Andreas since the first month he came to the United States from Sweden back in the spring of 1976. ANDREAS CAHLING: Success Is The …

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Note by neckberg: The following excerption is from Mike Mentzer’s bodybuilding magazine ‘Workout’. Yes, Mr. Mentzer used to run a mag but with a short run (1 Year). Thanks to Irene L. Hause for sending this piece of bodybuilding history.!    Author’s Note: This 1985 article appeared in WorkOut magazine as a companion piece to “Urban Stress Survival” …


Roger Callard

An Exclusive Interview with Roger Callard

By Irene L. Hause , Muscle & Bodybuilder, May 1983 (w. permission) Roger Callard began bodybuilding at the tender age of five. His father, who was interested in weightlifting, encouraged him to train his chest as a possible means of overcoming childhood asthma (obstructed breathing). It worked, and Roger has been into weight training ever since. He began …

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