Bill West – Gained Over 100lb!

Classic and old article about Bill “Peanuts” West by Earle Liederman published in S&H 1962 March. – Mr. Berg “The story of Bill West, the California strongman, is a revelation of what a special diet combined with weightlifting can make out of a thin weakling. Bill weighed but 102 pounds when his hands first touched a …


Isaac Berger Training

Isaac Berger Weightlifting Training for Gold

Isaac “Ike” Berger is an American retired weightlifter, who competed for the United States at the 1956, 1960 and 1964 Olympics and won one gold and two silver medals. Isaac is 5’2″/152cm and weights 132 to 135 lb. He is perfectly formed and with great sense of humor. The Gym Members mentioned to Isaac that Napoleon was …


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