Bodybuilding For The Beginner by Jim Haislop

Golden Era Bodybuilder ‘James Haislop’ competed against Arnold. Furthermore he won one of the most prestigious titles in bodybuilding history ‘Mr. America’ in 1968. Here’s a beginer routine developed by Jim Haislop. – Mr. Berg “From time to time I have received letters from the novice bodybuilder. These letters from the beginners have increased my Mr. …

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jim haislop calf

Maximum Calf Development

“The calves are probably the most neglected body part in the advanced body builder as well as the beginner. It seems as though the public pays little attention to the development of the calves but tends to see only large arms on a physique whether it be on the beach or at a physique contest. …

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Maximum Shoulder Width by Jim Haislop

“When I think back on my early years of bodybuilding, I can recall the physiques that impressed me most. These physiques were men I had seen starring as Hercules in the movies. The main thing that stayed firmly planted in my mind, other than their muscles mass was their great width. I think that everyone …

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Broadening the Back by Jim Haislop!

“The broadness of a man’s back has always been a noticeable feature of the male physique. Even people who do not body-build or weight train at all, admire the V-shaped physique. To obtain this kind of development one must employ many types of latissimus dorsi exercises along with hard work. To begin with everyone must …

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1968 mr america jim haislop

1968 Mr. America Report

“On Sunday evening, June 8th, twenty seven contestants mounted the posing platform at the William Penn High School Auditorium to vie for the coveted Mr. America Title. As the audience got their first look at the men it was obvious that it was going to be a battle between last year’s runner-up, Jim Haislop, and …

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jim haislop biceps bodybuilding

The Biceps and Its Characteristics

The following bicep workout was developed by bodybuilding legend Jim Haislop in the year 1969. – Mr. Berg “More time is spent on bicep curling than on any other group of exercises. It is a bodybuilder’s greatest desire to increase his bicep measurement over all other body parts, for every bodybuilder wants a large and …

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leg workout jim haislop

Develop Leg Muscles by Jim Haislop

“Keeping the legs in shape should be of prime concern to everyone and especially to the body builder or weight trainee. The legs always seem to be the first thing to go when one gets older. It’s a sad thing to see an elderly person with good eye sight, hearing and sound general condition, but …

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jim haislop training philosophy

Jim Haislop’s Training Philosophy

Since the beginning in comparison of one physique to another this question has been asked over and over again, “What is the secret to obtaining the ultimate physique development?” Everyone is searching for the one key that will put them on the inside track to faster gains. They all want to know what the leading …

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