dennis tinerino back workout

Back Specialization – Dennis Tinerino

“When a bodybuilder decides that his back development is under par in certain areas – namely the trapezius, latissimus dorsi and spinal erector muscles – a back specialization program should improve these areas. I have found that a great majority of bodybuilders tend to neglect the above mentioned areas. One reason for this is that …

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joe abbenda chest workout

Heavy Training For Chest Development

The following golden era chest workout routine was developed by Mr. America winner Joe Abbenda – Mr. Berg “Except for the upper arms, most beginning weight trainees seem to be more interested in developing the chest than any other part of the body. And their point is well taken, for a well-developed chest area, inside …

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Joe Abbenda bodybuilding mr america

Joe Abbenda’s Mr. America Story

Oldschool Bodybuilder Jon Abbenda won the title Mr. America in 1962. Here’s his own story. – Mr. Berg “Was it all a dream? No, it wasn’t. But looking back now it might just as well have been, for never did I ever think that I could attain what is now mine. Winning the Mr. America …

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joe abbenda workout summer

Summer Workout For Bodybuilders

Mr. America and Mr. Universe Winner (1962) “Joe Abbenda” will discuss training during summer and he’ll give some tipps about nutrition and reducing weight. – Mr Berg “In past years I have found myself taking most of the summer off. In fact, before last summer I hadn’t trained through one complete season for over five …

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