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Oldtime Strongman Training For Back And Chest Growth

This was the first article written by Joseph Curtis Hise for Iron Man around 1940. You will find here a complete resume of most of Hise’s teachings and how to train for chest growth the oldschool way! – Mr. Berg “MUST” muscle as stated by Arthur Saxon: (meaning muscles that a strong man must have well …


Benefits of Using Chest Expander

Chuck Sipes (Mr. America), Reg Park (Arnold’s rolemodel) and the father of bodybuilding ‘John Grimek’…They all used and included chest expander in their training routine! The following article was written by John Grimek around 1960 (published in S&H)! And don’t forget to use my tag-system below for more great articles about cable training! – Mr. Berg “Chest …


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Siegmund Klein: Bodybuilder Legend From Germany

He moved from Germany to the United Stated. He opened there a gym and was able to make a living with weights. Here’s Siegmund’s Klein story written by Iron Historian Thomas Dugan in 1970 S&H. – Mr. Berg For the past fifty years Siegmund Klein, born April 10, 1902 in Thorn, West Prussia, Germany, has …


Is Coffee Bad for Bodybuilding?

John Grimek, father of bodybuilding, used to write for decades for the fitness and bodybuilding industry. The following piece of training advice was taken from John Grimek’s column “Your Training Problems”. Fans would send letters with questions to Grimek and he answered. And when Grimek speaks we have to listen! – Mr. Berg Question: “I …


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Charles A. Smith – Bodybuilding Secrets!

Smith was a prolific writer during the early and middle 1950s, turning out more than 300 articles in the field of weightlifting and weight training. Many of those articles—most of which were written when he served as an editor for several of the Weider publications—are among the finest writing ever done in the field Charles …


Bruno Sammartino – The Amicable Pittsburgh Giant

Big Bruno Sammartino, the amicable Pittsburgh giant, was born in Italy. Shortly before the outbreak of World War Two his father came to America, planning to find employment and then send for his ample family. But the war erupted, and it was not until 1949 that the Sammartinos were all reunited and in their adopted …


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Oldschool Training Secret: Squat and Pullovers!

Are you tired of bench pressing over the years without much progress in the chest? You need same variety? Then try the combination of squats and pullovers. Back in those days the bench press was the lazy way to train the chest. Old timers used to train their Rib-box with breathing and stretching exercises. In …


Joseph Curtis Hise: Breathing Squats

Joseph Curtis Hise (born 1905) used a straight 20 reps in the squat, and soon found that he weighed 237lb/107kg at 26 years of age. He continued his experiments and finally reached a bodyweight of 298lb/135kg and had an arm of 19 ½ inches (49.5cm), chest at 56 inches (142cm) and thighs that measured 33 inches (83cm) …


John Grimek: How To Build Forearms

Reg Park (Mr. Universe Winner and Arnold’s rolemodel!) toured through America and visited the famous strongman and gym owner Sig Klein. Sig told him time he met the legendary John Grimek was in 1932 when Grimek was only 24 years old! Sig looked at Grimek’s large wrist and asked him to roll his shirt sleeve up so …


Bill Pearl Bodybuilding

Bill Pearl: Man Of Gold

Bill Pearl is a bodybuilding pioneer and star. He won the Mr. Universe title at the age of 40. At this time, the world’s richest man, Paul Getty, was a Mr. Universe fan and used to attend the contests. He was so impressed by Bill Pearl’s muscle size and willpower that he invited him to visit his huge property. …


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