Kal Szkalak Arm Workout

The following arm workout routine was developed by Kalman Szkalakin the year 1978. He won bodybuilding titles like Mr. America (1976), Mr. USA (1977) and IFBB Mr. Universe (1977) -Mr. Berg “Might is right! With heavy weights and supersets Kal’s arm training developed the power and size that helped vanquish the best bodybuilders in the …


Kal Szkalak: The Next Arnold Schwarzenegger!

https://www.facebook.com/andreascahling/photos/10158559963193749 Kalman Szkalak is a great bodybuilding legend. Even Arnold was aware of him. A lot of people said that he would be the next Arnold!  Arnold has only watched him in two competitions – the Mr. U.S.A. in New York and the Mr. Universe in Nimes where he beat Mike Mentzer. Arnold was extremely impressed with his …


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