karl moerke german strongman

German Strongman: Karl Moerke

Karl Moerke was born in Köln, Cologne, Germany in 1893. As a boy he was always fat or rolly polley in type and did not fair so well at the formal heavy gymnastics of the German boy’s physical education. But what he lacked in grace he made up in power. His father and mother were …


1920 strongman world war

1920 Strongmen: The Post-World War 1 Era

As we enter the 1920’s, strongmanism, like vaudeville, has already seen its best days come and go. The long ago strength feats of men like Louis Cyr, Eugen Sandow, and Arthur Saxon are now stuff of legend and remembered fondly by older lifters. For the younger generation however, the real strength stars are of more …


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