More about Benchpress Legend Pat Casey

Ken Leistner used to write for the strength magazine ‘Powerlifting USA’. He was a highly decorated author and chiropractor. He met the legendary powerlifter ‘Pat Casey. The following excerpt is from PL USA (1996. July) – Mr. Berg “Not every lifter has his or her own ideas about the squat, the deadlift, or training for those two …


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A Tribute To Ray Rigby

Ray Rigby was a weightlifting and powerlifting legend from the 80s. Ken Leistner was very close to him and the following article was written by him (1998, Pl USA)! – Mr. Berg “I am very saddened to write that Ray Rigby has passed away. Ray was known widely in both powerlifting and track and field circles …


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Pat Casey 25 Rep Pump Training

Ken Leistner met and knew bench press legend Pat Casey. The following article was written by Ken. It was not ghost written or made up. Here you will read the pure truth about Pat Casey’s workout! – Mr. Berg “Approximately two years ago, I wrote an article in which I made the statement that Pat Casey was …


A Forgotten Routine For Improving The Bench Press

The following oldschool bench workout routine was written by Ken Leistner. He is a great powerlifting legend and If you would love to read more articles by Ken Leistner then share the article with your training buddies! – Mr. Berg “Like everything else these days, the emphasis in bodybuilding, powerlifting, and other sports is on the new, …


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