Boyer Coe’s Oldschool Leg Program

The following article was written by Boyer Coe’s friend Shelton Leger around 1970 – Mr. Berg “Besides man’s brain, what else makes him so unique as compared to the animal kingdom? He walks proudly upright supported on two pillars of strength – his legs. From man’s early beginning, he’s needed good strong legs in order …


leg workout jim haislop

Develop Leg Muscles by Jim Haislop

“Keeping the legs in shape should be of prime concern to everyone and especially to the body builder or weight trainee. The legs always seem to be the first thing to go when one gets older. It’s a sad thing to see an elderly person with good eye sight, hearing and sound general condition, but …


leg workout mass and shape oldschool

Oldschool Leg Workout for Mass and Shape

In the following article you will find a list of proven exercises used by Mr. America Vern Weaver to build your leg development for mass and shape! – Mr. Berg The approach is simply: to obtain outstanding leg development you must have a combination of bulk and shape. The only way to acquire this combination is through …


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