leo stern bodybuilding

Leo Stern: Bodybuilding Legend!

Leo Stern (1922-2009) influenced the world of bodybuilding and powerlifting. In the golden era of bodybuilding he was well known. Oldtimers will be familiar with the name ‘Leo Stern’. Even Arnold Schwarzenegger visited Leo and proved that he hasn’t forgotten his roots. Hat’s off. Here’s Leo Stern’s mental attitude and workout routine – Mr. Berg Leo started …


Bill Pearl Bodybuilding

Bill Pearl: Man Of Gold

Bill Pearl is a bodybuilding pioneer and star. He won the Mr. Universe title at the age of 40. At this time, the world’s richest man, Paul Getty, was a Mr. Universe fan and used to attend the contests. He was so impressed by Bill Pearl’s muscle size and willpower that he invited him to visit his huge property. …


Bill Pearl Full Training Routine

(1) Mr. America Training (1953)(2) Training For Variety(3) 1961 Mr. Universe Training (4) Bill’s Best Training Routine (Gained 50lb solid muscle!) MORE http://www.billpearl.com/home/ (1) Mr. America Training Routine designed by Bill’s coach ‘Leo Stern’ (1953) He started working out regularly with weights in November, 1950. He followed his own routines based on oldschool bodybuilding magazines. As time passed …


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