oldschool grip training

Exercises for Strengthening the Grip

The following article was written by oldtime strongman and bodybuilder Siegmund Klein in 1965 AprilĀ (published in MD). – Mr. Berg “Bodybuilders do not have the grip they should have! I know. For many years I have tested bodybuilders on gripping stunts and have found very of them possess the grip that their large biceps would …

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Mac Batchelor Training For Grip Strength

The mighty Mac Batchelor possessed finger grip with more power than anyone else in the world. The fact that he can open bottles with his fingers, bend the bottle-caps between any fingers, straighten the caps out again and then once more bend them along the grooves between any fingers will prove his finger power. FurthermoreĀ Mac …

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Power lifting in 1940

With the beginnings of World War II in 1939, Europe’s weightlifting establishment was forced to endure a seven year break from international competition. On our side of the Atlantic, several top American lifters of the late 30’s and early 40’s were also affected by the war and wound up in the military. Despite World War …

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