Mel Hennesy powerlifter

Mel Hennesy’s powerbuilding program!

At a bodyweight of 215lb. Mel has benchpressed 535lb, squatted 535lb and deadlifted 600lb. Although he seldom works them, he has pressed 300lb from behind the neck and military pressed 325lb. All of Mel’s lifts are done in extremely strict style. When you see him lifting over 500lb in the benchpress in such a smooth …


60’s Power Lifting Stars

Want an insider’s view of what powerlifting was like during the 1960’s? Rickey Dale Crain (a 148/165 lb superstar during the 70’s and 80’s) summarized it very nicely in this excerpt taken from the July 1977 issue of Powerlifting USA:“As a true blooded powerlifter, who literally grew up in the sport, born with a York barbell …


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