Irene L. Hause Muscle Digest Volume 1, Number 7 May 1977 Pumping Iron is a beautifully photographed motion picture about bodybuilders for bodybuilders and anyone else interested in good movies. Based on the book of the same name by Charles Gaines and George Butler, the movie was 18 months in the making. An estimated 88 hours …


Olschool Abs Workout by bodybuilding Star Mike Katz

No pastries, no pizzas, no carbonated drinks. And spaghetti and macaroni are strictly tabo! If a well-muscled is your goal you must train regularly. This is especially important the case of the really fat man. He must pay strict attention to diet and never miss a workout. Consistency is the word here. Super sets and burns …


70’s Bodybuilding Stars

Richard Baldwin (Born: 2/21/47) Comments: “Richard had one of the most pleasing physiques around in his day. Everything fit together just so and because of his structural superiority he was able to compete at a relatively light bodyweight.” Titles Won: 1971 AAU Mr. Southern States 1972 AAU Mr. Texas 1975 AAU Mr. Southeastern USA 1978 AAU …


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