Mike Macdonald’s Bench Press Secret

Mike Macdonald was in the late 70s the bench-press superstar. He had incredible strong tendons and great fast muscle fibers. When he made his 603lb/273kg bench press, he had an 18inch/45cm arm. In this article I will present you Mike MacDonalds Training Secrets. In Iron Man Magazine (early 70s) Mike cites that a mistake many new beginners …


70s powerlifting legends

70’s Power Lifting Stars

The 1970’s were a fantastic decade in powerlifting history that saw many all-time lifting barriers fall and/or nearly fall. In the squat, 900 would first succumb in 1972 compliments of either John Kuc or Jon Cole (depends on whose side you want to take) and we would have Joe-Joe White’s close miss with 1,000 lbs …


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