Abe Goldberg’s Diet For Definition (1957)

Abe Goldberg:”TO MOST OF US, dieting means eating less food to reduce weight or more food to gain weight. There are other aspects of healthful dieting, and to the bodybuilder – particularly the physique contestant – there is one diet that should make an immediate appeal; the super-high protein diet for muscular definition. Oddly enough, …


john farbotnik mr america

The Amazing Story of JOHN FARBOTNIK

If you are a bodybuilding enthusiast you have already heard about John Farbotnik. During the year 1946 he entered competition for the first time in his life and won “Best Chest” in the Mr. America Contest against the best buiklt men in the country. This was the contest in which Alan Stephan won the Mr. …


joe meeko bodybuilding diet

Eating for the Hard Gainer by Joe Meeko

The following article was written by Mr. America Winner (1984) Joe Meeko in magazine S&H around 1980. – Mr. Berg “When I became seriously interested in bodybuilding, I attended a number of seminars conducted by top bodybuilders – Mike Mentzer and Gary Leonard, to name but two. The majority of the seminars were on nutrition …


Ken Waller – Build a better back

The following article was written by bodybuilding photograph Cliff Swan in 1971. “You probably have heard that Ken Waller moved to Southern California nearly a year ago so he could concentrate his training at Joe Gold’s Gym toward winning the 1971 Mr. America title. While working as a teacher in the Los Angeles Unified School …


Bruce Randall bodybuilding oldschool

Bruce Randall – A New Strength Star

Old article about bodybuilding legend Bruce Randall. Published in S&H 1954 by Walt Metzler! – Mr. Berg “Big Bruce Randall started weight training at the Naval Air Station Gym in Norfolk,Virgin, January 2, 1953. He is in the Marine Corps and is assigned to the station. He had never used weights before last year and …


Val Vasilieff – Mr. America 1964

“Many people who have just recently met me, asked if I had been strong before I started to train with weights, and how I managed to gain such gigantic proportions without destroying what I call the symmetrical appearance. When I was 17 years old I weighed 170 pounds and practiced acrobatics everyday with my brother …


Dennis Tinerino bodybuilding

The Oldschool Way to Shape and Build Muscles!

“A bodybuilder who has the enthusiasm, perseverance, desire, and patience to build a championship physique should have no trouble reaching the physical development he desire. All he has to do, is follow a scientific weight training program which is suited for his body type, along with a well-balanced and sensible diet. It seems that there …


Harold Poole Bodybuilding

Harold Poole: Mr. North America

“In the half-sport of physique competition where ideal vary and perfection is never attained, a man has only a few years in which to excel before the toll of advancing age must be paid. At the age of eighteen, Harold Poole has come closer to achieving that elusive perfection than most bodybuilders can ever hope …


joe abbenda chest workout

Heavy Training For Chest Development

The following golden era chest workout routine was developed by Mr. America winner Joe Abbenda – Mr. Berg “Except for the upper arms, most beginning weight trainees seem to be more interested in developing the chest than any other part of the body. And their point is well taken, for a well-developed chest area, inside …


Joe Abbenda bodybuilding mr america

Joe Abbenda’s Mr. America Story

Oldschool Bodybuilder Jon Abbenda won the title Mr. America in 1962. Here’s his own story. – Mr. Berg “Was it all a dream? No, it wasn’t. But looking back now it might just as well have been, for never did I ever think that I could attain what is now mine. Winning the Mr. America …


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