The following interview was sent by Irene Hause to me. She knew a lot of oldtime bodybuilders like Mike Mentzer and Ed Giuliani. Big thanks! AN EXCLUSIVE, EXPLOSIVE INTERVIEW with ED GIULIANI by Irene [L.] Hause Photos by Tim Kopack Muscle Up Volume 3, Number 9 February 1981 He’s been around the sport of bodybuilding …


Franklyn Greene bodybuilder

Franklyn Greene: Vintage Bodybuilder Workout

Mr. New York and Mr. World..That’s Franklyn Greene! He trained with bodybuilder from the golden era like Franco Columbo and Arnold Schwarzenegger( See the pic). In this article you’ll learn how he trained and ate! The following article was written by Howard Alpert around 1970 in IM mag. – Mr. Berg   “The newspapers tell us …


Tony Pandolfo bodybuilding

Tony Pandolfo: Mr. New York City

Oldschool bodybuilder Tony Pandolfa won the title Mr. Apollo and Mr. New York City. Here’s his training routine written by Howard Alpert (1977) – Mr. Berg “In the field of endeavor, there are individuals whose skills and abilities place them far above the average members of that group. From that select few are chosen a …


ken hall bodybuilding

Ken Hall: Mr. New York City

“For the past seven years I have been doing various exercises for the development of my chest but I wasn’t satisfied with the development I had attained and did not feel that my chest quite matched the rest of my development. I well recall when my friends urged me to enter the Mr. New York …


5 Oldschool Neck Exercises by Tom Sansone

When a young fellow comes to Mr America Tom Sansone and asks him to set up some kind of a routine for him, he always try to impress the importance of proportionate development. There is nothing more disheartening in bodybuilding than to see a rank novice wasting his time building a bulging biceps or pectorals that make him …


Chris Dickerson Mr. Universe Training

Chris Dickerson (b. 1939) became the first African American Mr. America Winner in 1970 and the won the most prestigious title “IFBB Mr. Olympia” in 1982 at the age of 43. Chris was an average bodybuilder with exceptional calves and was able to turn into one of the top physique men in the country. His tremendous progress is …


Leroy Colbert Training Philosophy and Routine

  Leroy Colbert (born May 9, 1933 NY, USA – died November 20, 2015 age 82) was an American bodybuilder. He is notable as being credited as the first man to develop 21″/53cm circumference arms He used to train in his earlier training years with bodybuilding stars like Marvin Eder, Artie Zeller, Abe Goldberg and …


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