Abe Goldberg’s Diet For Definition (1957)

Abe Goldberg:”TO MOST OF US, dieting means eating less food to reduce weight or more food to gain weight. There are other aspects of healthful dieting, and to the bodybuilder – particularly the physique contestant – there is one diet that should make an immediate appeal; the super-high protein diet for muscular definition. Oddly enough, …


Harold Poole Bodybuilding

Harold Poole: Mr. North America

“In the half-sport of physique competition where ideal vary and perfection is never attained, a man has only a few years in which to excel before the toll of advancing age must be paid. At the age of eighteen, Harold Poole has come closer to achieving that elusive perfection than most bodybuilders can ever hope …


joe abbenda chest workout

Heavy Training For Chest Development

The following golden era chest workout routine was developed by Mr. America winner Joe Abbenda – Mr. Berg “Except for the upper arms, most beginning weight trainees seem to be more interested in developing the chest than any other part of the body. And their point is well taken, for a well-developed chest area, inside …


Joe Abbenda bodybuilding mr america

Joe Abbenda’s Mr. America Story

Oldschool Bodybuilder Jon Abbenda won the title Mr. America in 1962. Here’s his own story. – Mr. Berg “Was it all a dream? No, it wasn’t. But looking back now it might just as well have been, for never did I ever think that I could attain what is now mine. Winning the Mr. America …


Dennis Tinerino bodybuilding

Dennis Tinerino: Mr. America A Dream Come True

“As I sat in the lobby of the airport in Columbus, Ohio on Sunday, June 11, 1967, just one day after winning the “Mr. America” title, I heard the last call coming over the loud speaker for all boarding Flight 17 for Kennedy Airport, New York. When I was seated and buckled down in my …


joe abbenda workout summer

Summer Workout For Bodybuilders

Mr. America and Mr. Universe Winner (1962) “Joe Abbenda” will discuss training during summer and he’ll give some tipps about nutrition and reducing weight. – Mr Berg “In past years I have found myself taking most of the summer off. In fact, before last summer I hadn’t trained through one complete season for over five …


Kal Szkalak Arm Workout

The following arm workout routine was developed by Kalman Szkalakin the year 1978. He won bodybuilding titles like Mr. America (1976), Mr. USA (1977) and IFBB Mr. Universe (1977) -Mr. Berg “Might is right! With heavy weights and supersets Kal’s arm training developed the power and size that helped vanquish the best bodybuilders in the …


Psychology of Bodybuilding by Boyer Coe

Golden Era Legend and Mr. Universe Winner Boyer Coe will explain the phsychology of bodybuilding. – Mr. Berg “Last month I related to you my desire to win the Mr. America contest and how I succeeded in doing so. This month before going into the regular exercise series I would like to discuss what I think …


Ken Waller: From Football to Bodybuilding!

Ken Waller is a golden era bodybuilding legend. He was featured in the move “Pumping Iron” with Arnold Schwarzenegger! In 1971 he won the Mr. Universe title (amateur). He even transformed from football to bodybuilding with great success. Here’s Ken Waller’s story, workout routine and diet. – Mr. Berg Kenneth Henry Waller, was born on …


Leo Robert: Training at Home Using the Basics!

Leo Robert is a French Canadian bodybuilder from Montreal, Quebec. At one time, he was billed as “America’s most muscular man”. He won the 1955 Mr. Universe title. Training at Home Using the Basics by Leo Robert: “They say that it is “a poor workman who blames his tools”. Well, this certainly holds true for strength …


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