henry downs mr universe

Henry Downs: 300 Parallel Bar Dips!

Henry Downs was born in Jery (Channel Islands). In the 1960 he won the title Mr. Universe. This oldschool bodybuilder combined weightlifting with parallel bar and ring work to build his physique. Here’s Henry Downs’s story and training! Henry Downs was an athlete before he began to train with weights in January 1950. He was Bomber …

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Arnold Dyson mr universe

How Arnold Dyson Become Mr. Universe 1953

Arnold Dyson first commenced training in March 1948, just after being demobbed from the Army (rank S/Sgt. Drill Inst.) that was first first taste of weight-training – previously, from September 1947, he had done road work and general boxing training – he was fighting at 11 st. whilst stationed in Middle East Land Forces (Greece …

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Jim Park workout

Jim Park Mr. Universe Training

Jim Park. 1952 AAU Mr. America, was raised in Brave, Pennsylvania, population 500. At age 17, Park left school to join the United States Navy. Discharged in 1947, he moved to Chicago to attend the American Television Institute. Living at the YMCA hotel, he began weight-training. Park won the 1952 Mr. World contest and the 1954 …

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Paul Wynter Mr. Universe Workout

 Paul Wynter, born in 1935, in St. John’s Antigua, is best known for his two NABBA Mr. Universe crowns. He was awarded the title in 1960 and again in 1966, while placing high in the competition over several years prior to his first place victory. Paul’s training routine Monday morning Reps Sets Bench Press 8 …

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Roy Duval Mr. Universe Workout

Back in 1973 London Roy Duval had the the pinacle of his bodybuilding career. He won the NABBA Mr. Britain title, followed a few weeks later by the Mr. Europe award, then shortly after that the coveted Mr. World crown. One year later, in 1974 he was again on winner’s rostrum, this time as Amateur …

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Len Sell Mr. Universe Workout

Len Sell (born 3 February 1935) is an English professional bodybuilder who was prominent in the late 1950s and early 1960s. He won the Mr. Britain title in 1958 and two Mr. Universe titles – amateur in 1959, and professional in 1962. Len was no “muscle head”.. but a well-rounded personality with dozens of interesting hobbies. He …

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Kozo Sudo Workout Routine

As a weak child, underweight teenager, Sudo admired those around him with robust physiques. He began training with weights and, with the aid of bodybuilding publications, familiarized himself with different techniques and systems. Eventually, he grew to 5’9″, tall for a Japanese, and pushed himself up to 176lb. in bodyweight. In 1974, Kozo was selected …

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Johnny Isaacs mr universe

John Isaac Training For Mr. Universe

Johnny Isaacs, born in 1929 in Johannesburg, South Africa, was Reg Park’s brother-in-law. John won the NABBA Mr. Universe short class in both 1953 and 1958. Reg Park and John used to train together. The following bodybuilding routine is very oldschool. Back in those days (1900-1930) the benchpress was controvers, called the lazy way to train …

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Bertil Fox Training Routine

Bertil Fox (born 5 January 1951 in St. Kitts) is a British former IFBB professional bodybuilder. In 1979 he easily won the NABBA Professional Mr. Universe title. He was so far ahead that they didn’t even have a posedown between him and runner up Dave Johns. How did he achieve all this? Work work and more …

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